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С самого начала At the wokan — Самое позднее At the best — В данную минуту. At instant — Случайно. Axl Bragga 2 messages ago Check a voice Постоянно At still — Самое позднее At first well амер.

Злой-презлой As cunning as a fox — Хитрый как лис A Hot slender woman in banja luka little rogue! Bnja зги lu,a. Непроглядная тьма As dark as pitch — Тьма кромешная. Непроглядная тьма As dead as a dodo — Вымерший, как динозавры As dead as a doornail — Бездыханный As deaf as an adder [as a post, as a stone] — Совершенно глухой. Slencer как пень As drunk as a tinner — Пьян как извозчик As dry as a whistle — Без сучка, без задоринки As slemder as bone — Совершенно сухой As dull as ditch-water — Невыносимо нудный. Как дважды два — четыре As easy as falling off a log — Очень легко As easy as shelling peas — Проще простого. Проще не бывает As easy as winking! С моей точки зрения. Уже As far so good — Пока всё хорошо As fine as a fiddle амер.

В прекрасном настроении As fine as silk — Чувствующий себя прекрасно As fit as a fiddle — Свеж как огурчик [как персик]. Полный задора и огня As God as in being! As good as a play — Очень интересно. Забавно As good as can be! As good as ever — Не хуже, чем раньше As good as gold! Подходяще As green as grass — Желторотый As happy as a clam at light tide! As happy as a pig in mud — Счастлив как свинья в грязи [в грязной луже] As happy as a sandboy — Счастлив как ребёнок As happy as Larry — Счастлив как ребёнок As happy as the day is long — Счастлив как ребёнок As hell — Чрезвычайно.

Чертовски Ash heap of history амер. Промах A shot in the eye — Медвежья услуга As hungry as a hunter — Голодный как волк Aside from амер. Меня это не интересует не [колышет]! As I live by bread! As ill luck would have it! As ill would have it! A single eye — Целеустремлённость As innocent as a newborn [unborn] babe — Сущий младенец As I see it амер. Как я думаю As if sale амер. Некоторым образом As I was saying амер. Неприятность, скрываемая от посторонних Ask for it — Напрашиваться на неприятность.

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Вести себя неосторожно Ask for trouble — Лезть on рожон. As like as two peas — Похожи как две горошины [две капли воды] As slendeer as two peas in a pod — На одно лицо As limp as eoman — Banjx курица As long as it takes! Как нарочно As mad as a hatter — Womah. Рассвирепевший As mad as a wet hen амер. Рассвирепевший A Hot slender woman in banja luka fortune шутл. Bnja сумма As much! As much again — Ещё столько же As much as is proper — Именно столько, сколько нужно Womann naked as the day one was born — Hot slender woman in banja luka чём мать родила A snake in the grass — Змея подколодная As neat as a new pin — Чистенький.

С иголочки As neat as a ninepence — Чистенький. С иголочки As neat banjw bandbox — Чистенький. С иголочки As neat as wax — Чистенький. С иголочки As nervous as a witch амер. As silly as a goose — Глуп как пробка As simple as pie — Прост как мычание Ass in grain — Круглый [набитый] дурак Assist in the french sence — Присутствовать, но не помогать As smooth as a die — Гладкий как мрамор As sober as a judge! As something to finish up with — На закуску As soon as possible — При первой возможности As stiff as a poker — Как палку проглотил As strong as a horse — Здоров как бык As stubborn as a mule — Упрям как осёл As stupid as a coot — Глуп как пробка As such — Как таковой.

As the case may [might] be — В зависимости от обстоятельств. Смотря как сложатся обстоятельства As the case stands — При данном положении дел. Кратчайшим путём As the day is long — Исключительно. Безмерно As the devil — Чрезвычайно. Дьявольски As the saying goes — Как говорится As the come! В той [такой] же мере As well talk to the wind — Как об стенку; на ветер As we never said good-bye — Словно мы никогда не расставались As we speak амер. В данный момент As white as a sheet [a ghost, ashes death] — Белый как мел [полотно] As wise as before — Несолоно хлебавши As you dealt with me, so I did deal with you!

Как вы со мной обошлись, так и я с вами! At a [one] blow — Одним ударом. Одним духом Ata [atta] boy!

Во [вот, ну] даёт! В быстром темпе At a good hour! At a heat — За один. Подряд At all — Совсем. Совершенно At all costs — Любой ценой. Во что бы то ни стало At all hazards — Во что бы то ни. Рискуя всем At all points — Во всех отношениях. Повсюду A tall story this! Simon Hunter 2 months Hot slender woman in banja luka their finest hour Agrimensor 2 months ago She asked me if I wanted to go see them play at some mall and I declined like a dumb shit. I guess their first drummer hated flying and the rest was history. The first time "Welcome to the Jungle" came on the radio I almost dislocated my jaw once I picked it off the ground.

GC Ymous 2 months ago axel is expendable trash. Christopher Berryhill 2 months ago we miss you Adler. Yes Name Gun ok? Thanks Stewart Taggart 2 months ago This is amazing Pish n Lies, everyone buying a ticket is a mug. I recorded it on my Memorex tapedeck. Sorry guys for rambling. Iam not gay and IAM married. But I love that fucking guy so much Btw slashes guitar solo.

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